Dark Love For Lights


I love them both , light and darkness because they are beautiful together.

One is incomplete without other .

Light of HOPE always lits up when it is dark out there or even its dark inside

This is an unplanned and unexpected experience which I cannot put into words but will try as much as I can .

This is about last day of my exams I was heading back to my home just left the college area . This small bridge is near to my college in a spooky kind of area but I found there peace and silence . I know it’s stupid to say that some non living object is my fav but Yess this is my fav bridge i don’t know the reason though . I saw the pic visioned in front of my eyes . Even though my phone’s battery was about to die only 3% I somehow managed to capture that within it . It’s my first soothing winter click . It reminds me how calm I was at the time of clicking it. I never imagined that it would look this good at night .this was my first time I encountered it at night .

Let me tell you that my college is 50-60 km away from my house , so exams are the only opportunity to click this place . So everytime I go through this route I try to make full of it. So I managed to click some shots . This is my DARK LOVE FOR LIGHTS.whether it be street light or a Diya .

The picture is one of my fav and one the best I have composed Thank you so much for reading. This is my first blog ever . Please feel free to drop in your suggestions and reviews about my blog in the comment section . 

Keep Reading and sharing šŸ˜Š. 

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