My First Achievement in Photography

-)) My First Achievement in photography ((-

So, Today is Sun, “ 27th May 2018 ”, a date worth remembering.

Today I participated in a Live Photography Competition Held in Valsad at Tithal Beach, Organised by JCI club. I registered myself yesterday and was so excited to take part in the first ever live photography competition of my life.

Let me tell you another thing that a night before was the Final Match of UEFA Champions League, I completed watching match till late 2:30am and Slept at 3. Now as the Month of Ramzan (RAMADAN) is going on, I somehow managed to sleep for 1 hour and woke up at 4am had done the SHEHRI( the time we eat food before we keep the fast ). Done that and went for namaz of fazr all I prayed was that I want to give my best in the Live Photography Competition in which only 2 hours were remaining. So completed the namaz asked my friend(Rahil) to come along with me and soon we headed to the location (Tithal Beach).

What a beautiful morning it was, filled with positive vibes.

We reached the location and organisers and participants arrived slowly slowly. The Judges came straight from Surat who were the founder of DSLR Academy in Surat.I was so much excited and nervous as well seeing other photographers (participants) coming. Soon the time came, at 8 am the Competition started. We were allocated batch numbers according to which we head to go and shoot the given object.

There were two categories

  1. Mobile photographers.

  2. DSLR photographers.

As I didn’t own any DSLR I registered myself in 1st category which was for mobile photographers. Turn by turn participants went and shot their images, I did shot mine as well. As the competition went further, my excitement and nervousness increased and speaking honestly I wasn’t satisfied with the image I managed to click.

Finally all the images were captured, participants submitted their images and then went ahead to the judges to make their decision. Time passed and the moment which I was waiting for was coming towards me slowly. They first distributed the participation certificate and medal to all the participants. Then it was the time of prize distribution they started announcing and stated that both the categories were further divided into age groups under 18 and above 18 and there will be four winners and four runner ups in total. So we gathered for prize distribution and they first started with first category which was mobile and announced the Winner and runner up under 18 and then started announcing that for above 18 so as it started my heart starts pumping fast and the rate of beats increased. They called name of Runner up and guess what it was me Absar Pathan. I ran and got there did hand shake with judges and collected the certificate and the Trophy. I was so happy, because according to me my click wasn’t that good but judges liked the composition and selected it. I was happy and sad as well, it was an emotional mixture. I was happy because I achieved something but was a bit disappointed by myself that I didn’t win.

Well this all seemed so easy and fun but it wasn’t that much as me and my friend were on fast, there was so much heat that made us go thirsty and hungry but Yess.. it was all worth it. I am blessed to have a friend like him who stood by my side bearing all the pain. I am also very thankful to the Almighty Allah for showing me right path and keeping his blessings on me.

This is one of the most memorable day of my life. The Day I got my First Achievement In Photography.

Above it the picture which I clicked and which won me the runners up trophy.

That’s the beautiful trophy 😍

And here are some moments.
Thank you for reading and keep believing in yourself. Do what you love and you’ll see the difference and will surely get good results.

Have a good life.


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2 thoughts on “My First Achievement in Photography

  1. Great brother go ahead…..

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    1. Thank you so much 💕😊 buddy


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